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Reinventing the holiday experience by enhancing the personal experience"

Alpine Host Helpers

"Opening the doors to promote your rental property's full potential"

Welcome to our philosophy!


Our idea: At Alpine Host Helpers, we had a brilliant vision - to elevate guest care to a forward-thinking level by standing apart from the current competition. With short-term letting booming in the region, our innovative business model emerged to provide guests with personalized care while sparing property owners the expenses and hassles of renting out their properties.


Our mission: "Personal support for a high-quality holiday experience." We focus on unique features that enhance a property's rental potential. Leveraging modern marketing tools, we precisely target the ideal audience, thereby maximizing sales. Each property receives a personal touch, as we meticulously craft rental advertisements. Once we connect with potential guests, we provide individualized, personalized care to ensure a first-class vacation.


Our future vision: Online property rental is the path to tomorrow. Thanks to numerous booking platforms, securing accommodations at short notice has never been easier. We take pride in optimizing your property's rental potential and increasing your turnover. Our real estate portfolio continuously expands, and we are dedicated to providing all property owners and guests with the same professional and personal service. Developing and nurturing partnerships with local entrepreneurs is our goal, ensuring our guests enjoy an optimal stay.


Embracing the digital age, we harness technology's power to manage properties irrespective of their location.


Our planet's well-being matters deeply to us. We strive to minimize the ecological footprint of our guests. While we enthusiastically promote this beautiful region to attract as many visitors as possible, we remain mindful of climate change and sustainability. We encourage waste separation and advocate for the use of natural resources, such as enjoying our refreshing tap water instead of purchasing bottled water. Protecting and promoting our beloved mountains is a collective responsibility!


So, why not indulge in a vacation yourself? Allow us to handle the work for you!


Samantha & Debbi

Alpine Host Helpers


The mountains are home, with skiing, hiking and many other sporting activities being my way of life"

Meet Samantha, a founding member with a degree in Business Management, she has been the driving force behind the growth and development of our business in Kitzbühel for the past 7 years. With her keen eye for detail, she ensures that every aspect of the business runs seamlessly - we simply couldn't do it without her!


In those rare moments of free time, Samantha escapes to the mountains, either hiking or ski touring, embracing the beauty of nature. And when she's not conquering the peaks, you'll find her in the kitchen, whipping up delightful and delicious dishes that leave us in awe. Her passion for both adventure and culinary exploration truly makes her a force to be reckoned with!

My passions include connecting with people, enjoying good food and appreciating fine wines!"

Meet Debbi, the visionary force behind Alpine Host Helpers! Hailing from South Africa, she co-founded the company with a keen eye for opportunity in the property management sector. Her goal? To revolutionize the guest experience and property owner services with a personalized touch.


Having traveled extensively and experienced vacation rentals across the globe, Debbi recognized the untapped potential to bridge her passion for travel with her expertise in the London property industry.


When she's not sharing insider tips with guests or guiding them to the finest wine bars, Debbi is out there, fearlessly drumming up new business and forging meaningful relationships for our company.


As a local I love promoting my home and sharing all the insider tips!

Meet Rainer, the heartbeat of the Kitzbühel Alps and a true adventurer at heart! As an active mountain biker, hiker, snowboarder, skier, and bon vivant, he has a profound love for his home and its breathtaking surroundings. With a wealth of local knowledge, Rainer delights in sharing insider tips to ensure your holiday is nothing short of extraordinary.


When it comes to pricing, special offers, and active direct sales, Rainer is the go-to expert. Drawing from his impressive 30-year experience as a product manager with international tour operators, he keeps us on the cutting edge of sales and product developments.


As we navigate the ever-evolving travel landscape, Rainer's expertise is our compass, guiding us towards successful ventures and unforgettable experiences for our guests.


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