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Alpine Host Helpers
Reinventing the holiday experience by enhancing the personal experience"

Alpine Host Helpers

"Opening the doors to promote your rental property's full potential"

The philosophy of our company


Our idea: The sparkling idea for our company Alpine Host Helpers was to raise guest care to a future-oriented level by differentiating ourselves from the current models of the competition. Short-term letting is booming in the region and we have recognized that there is a need for our innovative business model: to offer guests individual, personal care and to save property owners the expense and hassle associated with renting out their properties.

Our mission: "Personal support for hight quality holiday experience." We focus on special features that increase the rental potential of a property. In addition, we use modern marketing tools to reach exactly the target group that is best suited for the property - this also maximizes sales. We give each property a personal touch and we take great care in preparing the rental advertisements. Once we make contact with potential guests, we provide individual, personal care in order to offer them a first-class vacation. 

Our vision for the future: Online property rental is the future. Thanks to numerous booking platforms, it has never been easier to rent our accommodation at short notice. We take care of optimising the rental potential of your property and increasing your turnover. Our real estate portfolio is growing steadily and we pay special attention to providing all property owners and guests with the same professional and personal service. It is also our aim to develop and maintain partnership relationships with local entrepreneurs in order to enable our guests to have an optimal stay.

We use the advantages of the digital age and use the available technologies in such a way that we can manage properties regardless of location.

Our planet is very important to use and it is important to us to keep the ecological footprint of our guests as low as possible. We like to advertise this beautiful region in oder to inspire as many guests as possible to come on holiday here, but we do not want to ignore factors such as climate change and sustainability. That is why we ask our guests to separate their waste and make them aware of the need to use natural resources, e.g. by drinking our delicious tap water instead of buying water in plastic bottles. The protection and the marketing of our beloved mountains belongs to all of us!

So why not go on vacation yourself? We do the work for you!

Samantha & Debbi

Alpine Host Helpers 

Samantha McCall

The mountains are home, with skiing, hiking and many other sporting activities being my way of life"

Samantha is a founding member of Alpine Host Helpers with a degree in Business management. Living and working in Kitzbuhel for the last 7 years she has been an essential part in the growth and development of the business. Constantly ensuring that all aspects of the business are running smoothly - we would be lost without her.


In her free time (which is not much) she can be found on the mountain hiking or ski touring or experimenting in the Kitchen  a new tasty dish. 

Samantha McCall - Founding Partner

My passions include connecting with people, enjoying good food and appreciating fine wines!"

Originally from South Africa and also a founding member of the company, Debbi saw an opportunity in the property management sector that provides a more personalised service to its guests and property owners.


As an avid traveler who has stayed in many vacation rentals all over the world and with her experience in the London property industry decided to bring the two worlds together.


When she is not providing guests with all the local knowledge or pointing them in the direction of the best wine bars, she is drumming up new business for the company and building new relationships.

Debbi Germain

Debbi Germain - Founding Partner

Our Partnerships:


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